Yale Is Dead—and That’s a Good Thing

By Roger L. Simon

walk through the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Conn., on Sept. 27,
2018. (Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

I, frankly, had enough at the top. I was more concerned
with what had happened to Yale, an institution I attended in the sixties as
a playwriting student in the drama school.

In those days we had the likes of Marc Chagall as speaker
(exceptional, I admit) who spoke of the necessity of love in the creation of
his art. Now the “learning objective” on the poster advertising Dr. Khilanani’s
talk is to “understand how white people are psychologically dependent on
black rage.”

On that same announcement it reads: “It is the policy of
Yale School of Medicine, Continuing Medical Education, to ensure balance,
independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all its educational

Like “five holes in the brain”?

What a farce Yale has become.

And of course it’s not alone. The entire Ivy League is
sinking under a lava flow of endless, mind-rotting woke drivel.

Just the other day the Princeton classics department
announced it would no longer require Latin and Greek for classics majors. What
are they supposed to study then? Classic comics? I remember reading one of
the Iliad when I was kid. It must still be around.

What motivates this and similar decisions (they’re being
made across the country) is racism pure and simple, the assumption being—though
they would of course vigorously deny it—that minorities don’t have the
intelligence or the rigor to learn anything difficult. How insulting and how

The Ivies are obviously not alone in the onslaught of
woke that has destroyed American higher education with only a very few
exceptions. It’s everywhere, in part because Ivy graduates—starting in
traditional “woke” areas (humanities, social studies) that have metastasized to
virtually everything now, including the sciences—go out to spread these noxious
doctrines as if it were the Gospel in supposedly lesser colleges and

It was the Ivies, as much or more than any other
institutions, that during the eighties and nineties nurtured Marxist critical
theory (deconstruction and the like) and its spawn critical race theory that is
currently driving apart the citizens of this country, accusing practically
everyone of being a racist, especially those who aren’t.

So, at least to this Yale MFA, Yale is dead.
And that’s a good thing. And a liberating thing.



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