White Disk Behind Passenger Jet Over Tokyo, Japan, Video, 3-13-2022, UFO Sighting Information.


Date of sighting: March 13, 2022

Location of sighting: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Hey test this one out. An individual in Japan was driving alongside and observed a white object following a passenger jet over Tokyo this week. The white craft would observe behind the jet after which decelerate for a second and fall behind, then velocity up once more to catch up, then do all of it once more. Its as iff this object was getting caught within the jet stream on objective in order that it might carefully analyze how poisonous this air pollution is to our planet. It actually was no there to cover from the general public beneath, however could also be making an attempt to cover kind the pilot and passengers…because the tail space is the one location with out visibility from inside. But…simply possibly there’s somebody of significance on this aircraft, not necessary to you or me, however necessary to the aliens themselves. Perhaps a descendant, or relative and even an precise alien is on board the jet. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: Whereas I used to be driving on Kawagoe Kaido, discovers a UFO that locks on instantly behind a passenger aircraft.

High screenshot has added shadow and distinction to convey out element, beneath is unedited unique. 

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