Unknown Object Discovered By Mars Rover, UFO Sighting Information.


An uncommon object was discovered on the Mars floor. One thing that appears just like one thing that will have fallen off a rocket, however it is clearly not a part of the rover lander, as a result of there aren’t any rover tread marks coming from it. As an alternative the sand round it has ripples of bending and turning with the wind, however no tracks in any respect. Additionally there isn’t any signal of different touchdown tools. I’ve seen the touchdown craft of the rover and that is nothing like that. There have been many missions to Mars and this could possibly be a part of a kind of craft, however the photograph has no labels, no rationalization and no notes in any respect. This very probably could possibly be alien know-how discovered by the Mars Rover. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

Under you see the rover wanting on the particles however there isn’t any tracks coming from the particles. 

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