UFO Sighting in Vero Seaside, Florida on 2020-11-23 18:20:00 – A number of ship objects in sky in each instructions and between them as nicely.

Two multi gentle spherical or extra sided ship w no less than 8 lights round it. within the center are the "mobile phone formed being objects which have humanish robotic or reptile creatures aiming these lights throughout ..Kinda like strobe pulsing lights. pondering the center sky object that was equal distant between these ufos and "crew" i believed was a full moon..Then came upon the moon gained't be full for an additional week. whe is i blew up moon pic it exhibits large spikes on it so it should have been one other mom ship to those outlying ones.
has an analogous sighting again at my different home i owned in fort pierce on might fifth. that was scarier as they have been nearer to my home by 100 ft or much less. similar cellphone beam lights in my home windows and house between my home and my subsequent door neighbor's home. that sighting was at 2am within the morning.

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