UFO Sighting in Somerset, Kentucky on 2020-11-04 12:00:00 – Ufo remark in sky

I used to be strolling my canines throughout their typical afternoon stroll. we had been standing on the pavement on the finish of the street and i used to be simply having fun with the sunshine on a transparent day. there have been only a few clouds and the sky was a shiny blue. i seemed up and noticed a v formed craft that seemed large from my viewpoint. it was above the tree tops of some very tall pine timber. it was flying very slowly in the direction of the nw. there was no sound in any respect. it was matte black in coloration with six spherical circles of a matte white coloration on the underside floor. i used to be shocked and thought i used to be imagining issues so i seemed down on the floor and blinked just a few instances after which seemed again up on the sky. it was nonetheless there. i watched it for just a few seconds till it was gone over the tree tops and that i couldnâ€&commerce;t see it anymore. i’ve spent the previous few weeks coming to phrases with what i noticed after which reported it when i used to be feeling extra comfy about it.

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