UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2020-11-22 23:24:00 – Pulsating orb

I went exterior to my screened in porch to have a cigarette. it’s elevated and faces east. gazing up on the sky a very shiny "star" caught my eye. after some time it gave the impression to be getting brighter, then dimmer. pulsating and transferring positions barely. to ensure, i held the pad of one among my fingers over it. i knew it was transferring as a result of the "star" moved excessive of my finger pad. i went to seize my telephone. i checked the time on my means out as a result of i’m educated in reporting incidents to legislation enforcement and authorities businesses for my profession. it was 11:24pm when i started recording. the primary few seconds i used to be fumbling with the zoom and settled at 7.5 magnification. after that time i didn’t transfer the digicam. the orb moved up down,facet,facet,diagonally and many others in a short time, and with out noise. it additionally appeared to hover at occasions. it isn’t the primary time i really feel like i’ve seen comparable issues since transferring right here 2 years in the past, however i by no means have been in a position to get a photograph to point out something aside from black sky. so i attempted video this time.
after i magnified it. i used to be in a position to see particulars simpler. it glowed gold. and appeared to pulsate. it appeared one thing was revolving across the heart that gave the phantasm of the gold pulsing mild getting dimmer when this rotation occurred. the longer i stared at it i’d catch glimpses of a rose to blue twinkle or a blue to inexperienced twinkle like a prism would twinkle when it caught the solar. after a while i started to really feel uneasy. the orb would get brighter and quickly transfer. not fairly like i used to be being watched, only a sense that i ought to go inside. at some pt. i ended recording, however was nonetheless observing it. my eyes had been open and that i might clearly see the orb, however i noticed a inexperienced haze,mist,cloud, or aura…. unsure which phrase describes it greatest….. however the inexperienced haze was not in entrance of the orb or surrounding it, it was in my minds eye. like i used to be seeing two separate issues on the similar time. it creeped me out and that i went inside. the orb was nonetheless there when i went inside.
the video i took is lower than 3 minutes lengthy, however when i went inside it was 11:38pm. so after i ended recording, i will need to have stared at it for nearly 11 minutes after that earlier than i lastly went inside.

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