Traitor Trudeau to freeze all handgun gross sales in Canada in newest act of WAR in opposition to residents

Image: Traitor Trudeau to freeze all handgun sales in Canada in latest act of WAR against citizens

Justin “Castro” Trudeau, a WEF puppet and traitor to the folks of Canada, has simply declared his intention to finalize laws that will outlaw the sale, switch and importation of all handguns in Canada. Following within the footsteps of Adolf Hitler who pushed strict anti-gun measures earlier than initiating a bloodbath of hundreds of thousands of Jews, Trudeau clearly plans to disarm the residents of Canada earlier than unleashing the federal government to hold out arrests, executions and disappearances of those that disagree with authorities tyranny.

“It would not be doable to purchase, promote, switch or import handguns anyplace in Canada. In different phrases, we’re capping the marketplace for handguns,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said over the weekend.

We noticed Trudeau’s tyrannical tendencies on show just some months in the past when he ordered Canada’s banks to grab the accounts of law-abiding residents who merely donated a number of {dollars} to the peaceable freedom convoy truckers that have been protesting vaccine mandates in Canada. In accordance with Trudeau, anybody who disagrees with Trudeau’s tyranny is by definition a terrorist and should have their property seized. As soon as Canada is totally disarmed because of new laws, Trudeau will not must be involved with residents’ means to defend themselves in opposition to authorities loss of life squads and secret arrests.

In that situation, Trudeau can merely declare there’s a brand new outbreak of some infectious illness, then spherical up all political opposition at gunpoint then take them to infectious illness loss of life camps and have them exterminated at will. Their deaths shall be blamed on the present pox or pandemic, after all, and the federal government will declare they died as a result of they resisted the federal government’s vaccines. These vaccines, clearly, are slow-acting euthanasia pictures engineered to scale back the inhabitants of the world by blood clots, cancers, coronary heart assaults, autoimmune problems and neurological injury.


In freezing all handgun gross sales — simply two years after banning AR-15 self-defense rifles — Justin Trudeau is doubling down on his dedication to finishing up crimes in opposition to humanity by way of authorities genocide in opposition to his personal folks. The disarming of Canada is the final needed step earlier than the large-scale rounding up and extermination of the plenty can start.

Personal possession of firearms is the very LAST factor in the best way of worldwide mass extermination of civilians by the hands of legal authorities regimes

Alongside Biden and different treasonous leaders of western governments, Trudeau is following a step-by-step WEF blueprint for international genocide in opposition to the human race. This blueprint requires governments to engineer a nine-point collapse situation to drastically cut back the human inhabitants on planet Earth earlier than 2030:

  1. Engineered famine and mass hunger
  2. The deliberate dismantling of the power infrastructure that gives electrical energy, heating and gas
  3. A number of waves of organic weapons designed to kill
  4. World vaccine mandates to coerce the obedient plenty into slow-acting euthanasia injections
  5. Planetary-scale geoengineering and climate management to break down the biosphere and trigger international crop failures
  6. Deliberate collapse of the world’s debt-based fiat currencies to trigger international poverty
  7. Escalation of worldwide conflicts into world conflict involving each Russia and China
  8. Managed demolition of the worldwide provide chain to trigger financial collapse
  9. The destruction of fertility by way of plastics chemical substances, pesticides, hormone disruptors, LGBT grooming and transgenderism

With the intention to perform this plan, globalists a lot obtain:

  1. DISARMAMENT of the plenty so they’re unable to battle again after they notice they’re being exterminated.
  2. CENSORSHIP of all main communication platforms with the intention to preserve the plenty oblivious to the reality for so long as doable.
  3. COMPLIANCE of the plenty by social pressures and punishments for non-compliance (reminiscent of dropping your job).
  4. PERMANENT CRISIS with the intention to preserve the plenty in a state of fixed concern and confusion the place they defer to authority.
  5. RESET of the cash provide by way of CBDCs (digital wallets managed by central banks) whereas outlawing money.
  6. CERTAINTY of all election outcomes by rigging the poll counting machines and counterfeiting ballots.
  7. SUPPRESSION of all whistleblowers in science, medication, authorities and academia who attempt to warn the general public.
  8. ENGINEERED SCARCITY of all pure assets reminiscent of fossil fuels, lumber, land, minerals and crop yields.
  9. DEMONIZATION of all who criticize authorities as “extremists” or “terrorists” to be arrested, silenced or executed.
  10. CONTROL of all media, science funding, popular culture messaging and search engine outcomes with the intention to erase information.

Trudeau’s gun management measures are merely the subsequent step in eliminating any resistance to authorities extermination and depopulation throughout Canada.

Make no mistake: In case you stay in Canada and oppose tyranny, the federal government is coming to kill you after they take your weapons. The identical can be true if Biden have been trying nationwide gun confiscation in America.

That is your final line within the sand. As soon as they take away the weapons from residents, it’s off to the loss of life camps, with nobody stopping the Canadian Holocaust now within the making.

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