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The road to Gibraltar is through the land of vaccination

Now the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar experienced the horrors the British Virgin Islands is presently experiencing with the Pandemic. Gibraltar recorded 4724 cases and 94 deaths due to Covid 19, and a surge in infections that led to a second lockdown.

Like the BVI,  the population of Gibraltar is just over 34, 000 residents.

However, the reception to vaccination was different to what has been the BVI experience. Three months after Gibraltar went into a second lockdown, more than 90% of residents received a first dose of vaccine. Most are now receiving the second dose.

The result of the Gibraltar vaccine effort has been simply ”astonishing.” The Territory is reopening.

The result of the vaccination effort is that Gibraltar is the most vaccinated place in the world. Gibraltar is also the safest place on earth that went through the various stages of the pandemic from surge to lockdown.

The territory known as The Rock has come out the other side vaccinated,  with a huge drop in infections and deaths .

Gibraltar is a tiny place and densely populated. Had there been no vaccine effort,  the death rate would have been astronomical.

When Gibraltar was in a bad place like the BVI is today vaccines,  a receptive attitude to the vaccine, and a ramped up vaccination effort saved the Territory from disaster.

Gibraltar is back to normal. Its hospital is free of Covid patients,

Hopefully the BVI will learn something from Gibraltar. 

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