The Historical Anunnaki Gods Are Returning To Our Planet – Pentagon Leaked Epic Interview – Alien Information

The Sumerian civilization is the world’s oldest civilization. And the Sumerian civilization possesses one of the crucial fascinating and complex mythology.

Those that studied this Sumerian mythology found some gods that the Sumerians referred to as the Anunnaki.

These Gods had been, in truth, a really technologically superior alien race that got here to Earth a few years in the past and would have created the human race with the assistance of genetic engineering.

The aim of making the human race would have been that these aliens wanted slaves to work of their pursuits.

These beings had an immense lifespan of about 432,000 years. In comparison with us people, these beings appeared immortal, similar to gods.

A whistleblower from the Pentagon lately stated that these Anunnaki are returning to our planet.

Being our creators, these Anunnaki know our DNA greatest and may manipulate us at will.

Evidently the true masters of mankind are in truth these aliens.

However you’ll find extra attention-grabbing particulars within the following movies:

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