SPIRITUAL CHOICE: Any nation that fails to guard its CHILDREN from demonic vaccine sacrifice will endure the wrath of God

Image: SPIRITUAL CHOICE: Any nation that fails to protect its CHILDREN from demonic vaccine sacrifice will suffer the wrath of God

In at present’s State of affairs Replace podcast (under), I share passages from the Outdated Testomony which are extremely related at present with regards to defending youngsters towards being sacrificed to Devil.

In Leviticus, God explains (by means of Moses) that not solely is little one sacrifice sinful and evil, however that communities have an obligation to cease dad and mom who’re sacrificing their youngsters to Moloch (“Molek”).

Societies that fail to cease the follow of kid sacrifice face the wrath of God. Right here’s Leviticus 20:2-5 (emphasis added)

Say to the Israelites: ‘Any Israelite or any foreigner residing in Israel who sacrifices any of his youngsters to Molek is to be put to demise. The members of the group are to stone him. I personally will set my face towards him and can minimize him off from his folks; for by sacrificing his youngsters to Molek, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy title. If the members of the group shut their eyes when that man sacrifices one in all his youngsters to Molek and in the event that they fail to place him to demise, I personally will set my face towards him and his household and can minimize them off from their folks along with all who comply with him in prostituting themselves to Molek.’

As you possibly can see, God requires harsh punishment for folks who sacrifice their very own youngsters. In Exodus, God additionally exhibits that he’s prepared to unleash plagues upon complete nations that fail to comply with his teachings. His plagues grow to be more and more extreme as his warnings are ignored. In Exodus, God commanded the Pharaoh to let loose the Israelites, and the Pharaoh refused till the tenth plague lastly modified his thoughts.

Notably, a minimum of two of those plagues are organic weapons assaults (livestock illness and the plague of the boils). Different plagues unleashed by God towards Egypt embody locusts, flies, gnats, frogs and at last, the mass demise of all first-born sons.

Spike protein vaccines are organic weapons aimed toward human youngsters

Covid vaccines comprise directions for the physique to fabricate spike protein nanoparticles. These poisonous nanoparticles assault the physique from the within and even injury the DNA restore mechanism discovered within the nuclei of human cells. Accordingly, covid vaccines are a organic weapon getting used to destroy human lives.

When they’re injected into youngsters with the permission of their dad and mom, these dad and mom are sacrificing their youngsters and condemning them to demise. God has already chimed in on his disdain for these dad and mom who sacrifice their very own youngsters, and if the fashionable world doesn’t cease this medical violence being dedicated towards youngsters, it’s fairly clear that God will unleash his wrath towards the nations of our world.

What’s going to that wrath appear to be? The Bible is crammed with quite a few examples: Plagues, earthquakes, pestilence, financial collapse, battle and mass human struggling. Nations that flip away from God are heading instantly down the trail of whole destruction, and the one resolution that spares these nation is a return to God’s teachings and for adults to start out defending youngsters. (America is at present lead by a pretend president who’s a child-sniffing pervert. Ponder the non secular implications of that…)

The mass vaccination of youngsters with spike protein injections has no scientific or medical justification in any respect and appears engineered to counterpoint Massive Pharma whereas mass murdering younger human beings. As the youngsters of the world die from myocarditis, coronary heart assaults, immunological issues and even cancers over the following few years, it’s going to grow to be obvious that humanity was engaged in a planetary scale mass little one sacrifice ritual to Moloch, spurred on by demon-infested anti-humanists like Fauci.

Any mum or dad sacrificing their little one to Moloch is rejecting God and securing their place in Hell for eternity. It’s not going to be a reasonably expertise for them.

These of us who perceive the basics of God’s teachings should now peacefully work to cease the mass sacrifice of our kids and show to God that we’re defending the harmless by halting little one sacrifice through “vaccines.”

If we fail to cease this non secular atrocity, we are going to all be judged (harshly) by God himself.

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