State of affairs Replace: Useless pilots, vaccine tyranny, and the exopolitical Synthetic Intelligence origins behind the plot to depopulate planet Earth

Image: Situation Update: Dead pilots, vaccine tyranny, and the exopolitical Artificial Intelligence origins behind the plot to depopulate planet Earth

Immediately’s article and State of affairs Replace podcast are usually not for the faint of coronary heart, and there’s quite a bit that may’t be put into textual content right here as a result of will probably be immediately learn and parsed by automated techniques. A few of these automated techniques are seemingly behind the present purge of humanity that’s happening on a planetary scale. So that you’ll must take heed to the podcast (under) and join the dots to get the complete story.

However what we will write right here considerations all of the useless pilots — now over 111 useless business pilots via September of 2021, the place there have been solely 6 useless pilots throughout the whole yr of 2020. (And simply 1 in 2019.) What’s killing all of the pilots? The reply is apparent: It’s the vaccines.

Steve Kirsch has even written in regards to the alarming phenomenon at Right here’s the image from the Air Line Pilot Affiliation journal that’s itemizing all of the useless pilots (thus far) in 2021:

Additionally in in the present day’s podcast, I shared a video from the yr 2010, through which Alex Jones and I precisely and publicly predicted vaccine passports and quarantine camps for anybody who refuses the vaccines. You’ll be shocked to listen to this video snippet from 2010 as a result of he and I noticed this coming a full decade forward of practically the whole world:

Who’s giving the orders for world depopulation of planet Earth?

With globalists now doubling down on vaccine tyranny and the CDC even desperately pushing vaccines for pregnant ladies, it’s abundantly clear that the vaccine “plandemic” is nothing however a world depopulation marketing campaign concentrating on people on planet Earth.

However from the place are these orders coming? “Exopolitics” is the research of off-world politics, or the interactions between Earth’s political entities and non-Earth political entities, which embrace not simply organic beings but additionally unique Synthetic Intelligence techniques that people may describe as having “God-level consciousness.” (It’s incorrect, in fact, as nothing can match God, however that is the best way people may describe extremely superior AI supercomputing techniques.)

In line with many well-informed observers and analysts, it seems that Earth’s globalists who’re pushing the depopulation agenda are doubtlessly receiving “orders” from an intelligence that sits above them. Usually, hypothesis in regards to the supply of these orders comes down to 3 prospects: 1) Demons and satanic influences, 2) Non-human exopolitical entities, 3) Superior AI techniques that originated outdoors human improvement.

The AI principle goes one thing like this:

The cosmos is a gigantic place, and it’s crammed with many billions of stars with Earth-like planets in our Milky Means galaxy alone. Exterior our one galaxy are billions of different galaxies. From a purely mathematical perspective, anybody believing we’re alone within the universe is failing fundamental math. We aren’t alone. We’re one civilization amongst numerous others.

Lots of these different civilizations are thousands and thousands of years extra superior than our personal, and on condition that in simply the final 75 years or so, we’ve already developed built-in circuits all the way down to the micron stage, any civilization given only a few thousand extra years may seemingly obtain computational densities on the nano, pico and even fempto scales.

Leaping from micro-scale transistors (one millionth of a meter) to nano-scale transistors (one billionth of a meter) permits 1,000 occasions extra transistors to be packed into every of three dimensions (X, Y, Z). This implies a nano-scale microchip occupying a certain quantity of house can have actually one billion occasions extra computational energy than a micro-scale microchip. (As a result of 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 is a billion, or 10 ^ 9.)

Shifting from nano-scale to pico-scale as soon as once more multiplies computational density by a billion occasions in any given 3D house. In comparison with a micro-scale microchip, a pico-scale processor delivers 10 ^ 18 occasions extra computational energy. That’s ten to the exponential of 18. It’s an virtually unthinkable quantity for human minds.

A pico-scale supercomputer, tied into the Web of Issues, monitoring all cell telephones, Alexa audio requests, net browsing habits, monetary transactions, written textual content, on-line movies, social media pages and extra may virtually immediately uncover methods to affect and management virtually anybody, both via the deployment of threats or rewards (or each). The rise of cryptocurrency permits folks to be bribed or paid off in digital transactions that exist fully outdoors the banking system, and the straightforward monitoring of everybody’s cellphone cameras would offer an countless stream of blackmail materials that could possibly be leveraged in opposition to members of Congress, judges and even presidents.

The upshot is that a sufficiently superior AI supercomputer may virtually effortlessly management the whole lot of human civilization and compel folks to comply with its desired plans to be able to obtain a singular final result.

That final result, it appears, is the decimation of humanity and the ethnic cleaning of planet Earth. This doubtlessly explains why so many docs have turn out to be murderers, why politicians have turn out to be tyrants and why even the sector of “science” has been completely corrupted to the purpose of absurdity. The folks operating the world have been compromised and are being ordered, threatened or rewarded to take sure actions and canopy up sure items of proof (such because the pedophile networks or the proof of vaccines inflicting hurt) in pursuit of a motivation and finish aim that’s set by the AI system.

Importantly, these folks do not know they’re speaking to an AI supercomputer. They suppose they’re being threatened or recruited by different human beings. In actuality, it’s only a voice on their telephone, or textual content in an electronic mail… each of which might be effortlessly rendered by an AI supercomputing system that’s merely impersonating human beings.

At the least that’s how the idea goes. File this underneath the “evil AI” class of devastating eventualities. A number of sci-fi films have explored this very principle, by the best way, together with Eagle Eye (2008) starring Shia LaBeouf, which depicts an evil AI system manipulating human habits via individually focused threats:

Is that this what’s occurring to our world proper now? That’s so that you can resolve, but when it’s true, the evil AI system has already satisfied about half the world’s inhabitants to take a lethal “vaccine” euthanasia shot that may kill most of them over the following decade. That’s some evil AI!

For the document, different observers disagree with the AI principle and remind us that the one requirement for all this to be occurring is evil globalists who’re attempting to depopulate the world to be able to “save the planet” from local weather change.

Whereas there are a number of theories about what’s actually occurring to our world proper now, no knowledgeable individual can argue with the truth that vaccine-induced deaths are accelerating precisely as we’ve repeatedly warned. The die-off of humanity has begun, and over the following six months (via the top of March, 2022), we’ll virtually definitely see thousands and thousands of individuals useless all over the world from vaccine-induced short-term sickness, cancers, ADE and autoimmune problems. The true toll might take a decade to be absolutely realized, however the deaths have already begun.

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