SA employee wellness startup Strove raises $278K seed funding

Cape Town-based employee wellness app Strove just raised $278K (R4 million) in a seed funding round led by Launch Africa – a VC firm. Strove was founded in 2020 by Chris Bruchhausen in a partnership with The Delta – a venture builder. The company released its first product in January this year.

Strove operates as an activity reward-based mobile application empowering organizations to inspire their employees to live healthy active lives, prevent incidences of burnout, discourage inactivity, and prevent chronic stress.

The app has a gamified interface and tracks user activity to incentivize workers to be the best versions of themselves with gift rewards from several partner brands such as Bootlegger Coffee, Vida e Caffè, Engen, Old Khaki, and Mugg & Bean.

Strive’s platform design was collaboratively developed with the Delta in a unique display of a startup working together with a venture builder in and launching a product to market.

In comments shared by techfinancials, Strove described the raise as a “great validation for our model at Delta.” Strove adds to Delta’s portfolio companies such as Hero Collect, Priv, and Revio. The same article reveals that Strove has begun onboarding players in the UK as it looks to expand into that market.


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