Russia mobilizes 300,000, guarantees defensive use of nuclear weapons whereas psychopathic western leaders beg for annihilation

Image: Russia mobilizes 300,000, promises defensive use of nuclear weapons while psychopathic western leaders beg for annihilation

Russia’s current “partial mobilization” will name up 300,000 army reservists who, over the subsequent few months, shall be skilled and put into service within the ongoing battle with Ukraine. It’s now well-known — though western nations proceed to disclaim the plain — that Ukraine’s army offensives are being run by NATO troops, utilizing NATO satellites, coaching and kit. In essence, Russia is already combating NATO in a continental battle, and Russia realizes that western nations won’t be glad with something lower than the entire obliteration of Russia as a sovereign nation.

4 Donbass area republics are reportedly voting on a referendum to formally grow to be a part of Russia. Ukraine’s authorities is threatening as much as 5 yr jail sentences for anybody who even votes in these elections, proving that Ukraine has zero curiosity in democracy or self-determination of the individuals. However, these votes are going down, and it’s extremely probably that these republics will be part of Russia, making them a part of Russian territory.

As soon as that’s established, Russia will think about that any assault in opposition to these newly-joined areas (which have been after all as soon as a part of the Soviet Union, and the place the general public are ethnic Russians who converse Russian and who really wish to be part of Russia) is an assault on Russia itself. Such assaults may set off defensive responses from Russia, and people defensive responses might embody each kind of weapon obtainable to Russia’s nationwide protection, together with nuclear weapons, Putin not too long ago reminded the world.


Western media shops and nations try to impress a primary strike nuclear holocaust

Western media, which now lies much more vehemently than Pravda ever did, claims that is Putin threatening the primary use of nuclear weapons. That’s after all a lie, however it’s a handy lie that’s being utilized by western media to name for a western preemptive nuclear strike in opposition to Russia with a purpose to cease “Russia’s aggression.”

It is a very harmful improvement, as a result of if Russia takes such threats critically, then classical sport principle would require Putin to strike first, with a purpose to preempt the anticipated preemptive strike by the West. Thus, we discover ourselves in a quickly escalating suggestions loop which may finish in nuclear catastrophe, particularly provided that the Biden regime seems to be actively attempting to start out World Struggle III earlier than the mid-term elections, permitting him to declare a nationwide battle footing and attempt to postpone the poll field lashing that Democrats are positive to endure if the elections happen.

Even worse, whereas Putin seems to be performing rationally from his personal nationwide self-interest, western leaders are behaving like psychopaths who’re completely disconnected from cause and actuality. They don’t even acknowledge the truth that their very own financial sanctions in opposition to Russia unleashed the catastrophic financial distress and power disaster that Western Europe imminently faces (with mass famine and an industrial collapse quickly to observe). There appears to be zero recognition among the many leaders of Germany, the UK or the USA that upsetting Russia right into a nuclear change will go horribly incorrect for the West (and would probably spell the top of Western civilization).

In classical sport principle, analysts speak of “two scorpions in a jar,” every able to putting the opposite to loss of life even when they’re struck themselves. But the fact is that We the Persons are all trapped in that jar with a bunch of psychopathic scorpions who possess highly effective weapons however no rationality, intelligence or moral grounding for managing using such weapons.

It’s like we’re all carrying extremely flammable clothes on the celebration of a spoiled brat youngster, and the dad and mom simply give him a flamethrower. What do you suppose occurs subsequent? All of us get burned.

Translated into actuality, we’re already struggling underneath the financial devastation of the west’s tried anti-Russian sanctions (referred to as “suicide sanctions” at this level), and now western media influencers are begging the Pentagon to authorize first-strike nuclear warfare with Russia, a nation that has 20-30 years extra superior anti-air protection programs and ICBMs with hyperglide autos that may evade each defensive system at present possessed by NATO nations, together with the USA. Frightening Russia right into a nuclear change whereas Russia has the perfect anti-ICBM missile programs is like getting right into a gun struggle with an opponent who’s carrying the world’s finest ballistic protect. It’s one other suicide want, but it’s precisely what western media shops (and governments) are begging for.

Put together for nuclear battle NOW

At this level, each knowledgeable particular person must be getting ready for nuclear battle, understanding that it’s being desperately provoked by the USA and NATO. Russia doesn’t need nuclear battle, and fortuitously for humanity, Putin is a much more measured and affected person man than any western chief, which means he received’t irrationally lash out with nuclear weapons for political functions.

The identical can’t be stated of western nations and their insane, deranged leaders. They may provoke completely something — together with nuclear terrorism or nuclear battle — to attempt to stay in energy, even when it means the mass slaughter of tens of millions of harmless individuals. John Moore (The Liberty Man) explains this in at present’s featured interview. See the total podcast beneath the interview:

Right here’s at present’s full podcast, masking Russia, the Texas declaration of battle in opposition to drug smugglers, the DOJ’s prosecution of 47 individuals for an enormous meals fraud operation principally run by somalis in Minnesota, and rather more:


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