Our Planet Was Dominated For 241,000 Years By 8 Completely different Kings And All “Got here Down From The Sky” – Alien Information

Copies of what’s regarded as a single textual content – often called the Sumerian King’s Checklist – found all through the years by lecturers in varied places of historic Mesopotamia reveal how our planet was managed by eight enigmatic monarchs for an astonishing interval of 241,000 years.

These monarchs are even stated to have ‘descended from heaven’ based on the record.


It gives a incredible narrative that many individuals discover tough to imagine. This historic document, often called the Sumerian King Checklist, describes how our planet was managed by eight unknown monarchs for an unbelievable 241,000 years within the distant previous.

“…Royalty was in Eridug as soon as it dropped from heaven.” Alulim turned king of Eridug and reigned for 28800 years. For 36,000 years, Alaljar reigned. For 64,800 years, two monarchs dominated…

“… Eight monarchs dominated for 241,200 years in 5 cities.” The deluge then unfold… “, based on the primary portion of the King Sumerian Checklist. However how can eight monarchs have ruled the Earth for 241,000 years?


The record consists of prehistoric and “mythological” dynastic monarchs, in addition to historic dynasties with extra plausible reigns.

In different phrases, specialists declare that elements of the data on the Sumerian kings record is true, however others, corresponding to implausible reigns, are simply inconceivable.

Moreover, the Sumerian King’s Checklist not solely states how lengthy these kings dominated on Earth but additionally states that these eight rulers ‘descended from heaven,’ after which they dominated for an extremely very long time.’

Surprisingly, the record describes how these eight rulers perished throughout the Nice Flood that engulfed the Earth.

Do these historic manuscripts present that historic astronauts dominated the Earth for 241,000 years? Or, as some lecturers speculate, did the Sumerian king record a group of historic paperwork?

It’s price mentioning that Enmebaragesi de Kish, about 2600 BC, is the earliest documented king whose historicity has been archaeologically proved.

There are undoubtedly many mysteries to be answered. Please take a look on the video under and tell us what you assume.


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