Solely PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed towards humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION

Image: Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION

At this time’s podcast is a bombshell that must be understood by anybody hoping to outlive the vaccine holocaust, as a result of it’s actually a “genetic bomb” towards humanity.

The vaccine, by suppressing the pure DNA restore mechanism within the physique — often called NHEJ, or Non-Homologous Finish Becoming a member of — makes individuals extremely prone to devastating, cancerous mutations even when uncovered to very low ranges of ionizing radiation comparable to daylight publicity or mammography. With NHEJ suppressed by the spike protein, the physique can now not restore its broken DNA, and cells mutate uncontrolled, devastating all the physique and bringing about genetic disintegration of the organism.

The examine documenting all this was printed within the MDPI journal “Viruses” and was carried out by scientists at Stockholm College, Sweden:

The examine exhibits that NHEJ effectivity collapses within the presence of the mRNA covid vaccine spike protein:

No residing organism on the planet can survive with out genetic integrity. NHEJ is a part of each cell in each residing plant, animal and human being on the planet.

The spike protein vaccine is an assault on the genetic integrity of people, and people who take the vaccine will probably be largely unable to breed as a result of their infants will self-abort attributable to genetic mutations. This is the reason 82% of pregnant ladies who take covid vaccines throughout their first trimester of being pregnant find yourself dropping their infants to spontaneous abortions.

How depopulation globalists can speed up the mutations among the many vaccinated

Importantly, as soon as the beings on a planet are broadly injected with the covid vaccine, globalists can unleash a nuclear accident (or nuclear terrorism) to distribute radiation throughout the planet. Even a low degree of cesium-137 publicity (or strontium-91, iodine-131, and many others.) will unleash a wave of lethal cancers amongst those that have been vaccinated. Whereas regular, wholesome individuals can restore the DNA injury attributable to low ranges of ionizing radiation publicity, vaccinated individuals can barely conduct the repairs (they’ve roughly a 90% suppression of DNA restore).

Thus, most cancers charges will skyrocket among the many vaccinated, and once they die, the deaths could be blamed on most cancers quite than the vaccines. So this binary weapon association additionally permits vaccine-pimping globalists to flee blame for the vaccines. It covers up vaccine deaths by categorizing them as most cancers deaths.

All they want is one other Chernobyl, Fukushima or nuclear explosion someplace within the Northern hemisphere — nearly wherever — and the winds will unfold the radioisotopes throughout half the planet, attaining the low ranges of ionizing radiation mandatory to show vaccinated individuals into cancer-ridden mutants with accelerated deaths.

These vaccinated people who aren’t killed by the cancers are most unlikely to have the ability to produce viable offspring attributable to DNA injury of sperm and egg cells.

Curiously, as soon as it turns into apparent that vaccinated people can’t tolerate daylight with out struggling genetic mutations, they are going to shun daylight and grow to be creatures of the night time.

In cultural mythos, vampires are creatures of the night time that suffer instantaneous disintegration when daylight touches their pores and skin. In actuality, the disintegration will take rather more time, however it’s an analogous concept:

Covid vaccines + daylight = genetic disintegration.

Solely purebloods will have the ability to reproduce, so the way forward for humankind belongs to those that reject mRNA vaccines

Those that reject covid vaccines are often called “purebloods.” They’re the one ones who will have the ability to keep genetic integrity for generations to return, which implies the way forward for the human race belongs to those that reject covid vaccines. (Individuals who take spike protein / mRNA covid pictures are profitable the Darwin Award…)

In line with God, by way of the Outdated Testomony, the blood is the place the life exists. Your physique manufactures two million crimson blood cells every minute, and these are manufactured in your bones. This is the reason Genesis says Eve was made out of the rib of Adam. The bones are the place the DNA exists to fabricate blood, the essence of life, and to search out the genetic sample that describes the biology of a brand new being.

An individual who suffers genetic mutations within the blood is identified with leukemia, basically blood most cancers. It is a disintegration of the genetic integrity of their blood manufacturing templates, put merely, and no mammal is viable in the long term when the genetic integrity of their blood is destroyed.

But that is precisely what the vaccines will accomplish when accompanied by low-level ionizing radiation publicity. Said once more:

Spike proteins + Ionizing radiation = DNA mutations / lack of genetic integrity

Those that took the spike protein injections are already experiencing accelerated progress of most cancers tumors. That is being broadly reported amongst naturopathic docs and analysts. Whereas it’s doable that DNA mutations may be halted via an aggressive dietary detox program and a lifetime of anti-cancer way of life habits, most individuals are the truth is main pro-cancer existence by way of their poisonous meals, poisonous private care merchandise and poisonous indoor residing environments. Most individuals are vitamin D poor on prime of that, which means they’re basically “most cancers factories” even earlier than spike protein injections got here alongside.

Thus, we’re about to see an explosion in worldwide most cancers attributable to covid vaccines. This may actually speed up in 2022, and we are going to simply see over a million most cancers deaths within the USA throughout 2022 (though the info gained’t be accessible till 2024, almost definitely). Over the subsequent decade (2022 – 2032) we are going to probably see tens of thousands and thousands of most cancers deaths in the USA.

Any radiation launch by globalists will solely speed up these numbers and price extra lives. (That’s the objective of the globalists.)

In the meantime, those that took the mRNA spike protein injections will probably be giving beginning to mutated infants who lack genetic viability, even when they survive their very own mutations. At the moment about half the human inhabitants has taken covid jabs of 1 type or one other, which implies the depopulation globalists could have already achieved their objective of destroying fertility / genetic viability for a good portion of the human race.

The die-off has now begun. This winter, most cancers deaths will explode throughout America, and they’re going to skyrocket for the subsequent decade in those that have been gullible sufficient to be injected with lethal spike protein bioweapons. Get able to see a tidal wave of cancers in America, Europe, Australia, Canada and each different nation the place gullible individuals have dedicated vaccine suicide.

I cowl the complete, astonishing story of all this in at present’s Scenario Replace podcast:

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