Omri Casspi Announces Retirement – RealGM Wiretap

by Rafael Uehara

Davion Mitchell was arguably the best player on what ended up being the best team in college basketball, shot well from all over the floor (except the foul line), and improved his assist-to-turnover ratio substantially.

by John Wilmes

The next time you encounter anyone mentioning the ratings of the NBA Finals as a means of pouring fake concrete beneath their flimsy cultural-critical structures, you should understand what is happening before you to be less coherent.

by Jack Tien-Dana

In the NBA, there is no story beyond the narrative. But these Finals are different. The teams and players have oscillated wildly between extremes from game to game, at once confirming and refuting any prior notions.

by Rafael Uehara

The appeal with Scottie Barnes is the idea of someone his size with his length being capable of guarding every single position across the perimeter and maybe even spending some time at center on occasion, while running point on the other end.


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