NBA For Beginners: A Quick Guide


Basketball is a hugely popular sport in the US, so the NBA is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited seasons for sports bettors and fans alike. If you are wondering about what the hype is all for in the lead up to this year’s season, we’ve got just the guide for you.

Keep reading to find out more about the NBA in our beginner’s guide to the sport. 


Let’s start with how it all started, shall we?

Basketball itself was originally thought of in December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by a PE teacher named James Naismith. He was looking for a team sport that his students would be able to play competitively without the same risk of injury as posed by soccer. 

Also wanting the sport to be something that would help his students stay physically fit and active, even in the colder seasons, meant that indoor basketball was born. 

The NBA followed less than 100 years later when the National Basketball Association was formed. In its early days, the NBA was home to just 17 different teams, but many of these original teams were disbanded due to funding issues and a lack of enthusiastic fan interest. 

Betting on the NBA 

The NBA is one of the biggest basketball events in the world and as a result, it is one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. There are multiple games to bet on and a number of different types of bets that you can place, so it is worth learning how to get involved. 

Check out for more information regarding the best betting information and odds. Before you begin betting everything on the NBA, here is how the league and playoffs work. 

League Set-UP 

The NBA is made up of 30 teams with 29 of them being from America and one Canadian team among the ranks. They are split into two conferences depending on whether they are located in the East or West, and then further split into three divisions of five teams each. 

This helps to coordinate the game schedule and dictates which teams are playing who. 


The playoffs is where you will get to see the best teams and the best players performing to the best of their abilities. Throughout the 82 games, each team is trying to end up with the most wins by the end of it and the top eight teams will then make it to the playoffs. 

NB: Remember that there are no draws in the NBA and that if the points are tied at the end of the 48 minutes of a game it goes into five minutes of overtime. If it is still a draw at this point, another five minutes of overtime are awarded, and so on until one team wins. 


There are five main positions in the NBA. Here is a list of all of the different positions that are played in basketball with a small explanation of what they are responsible for in the game. 

Point Guard: The point guard runs the offence as one of the main playmakers on the team. 

Shooting Guard: The shooting guard is often the highest scorer and some of the best known players in this position includes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. 

Small Forward: This position requires a versatile skill set as it covers multiple roles, including scoring, shooting, rebounding, and passing. 

Power Forward: Similar to a center, power forwards rebound, defend, and score but they must shoot from the outside. 

Center: The center player plays defensively to protect the rim and block shots.


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