Mozambique: EDM Replaces Electricity Network in Maputo

Maputo — Mozambique’s publicly owned Electricity Company, EDM, on Friday started to replace obsolete cables and pylons over about seven kilometres in the inner Maputo neighbourhood of Malhangalene, in a bid to improve the quality of power reaching consumers.

The director of EDM Customer Service in the KaMpfumo municipal district, Eduardo Magaia, said the drive is budgeted at eight million meticais (about 126,000 US dollars) and will consist of a complete replacement of low voltage cables and metallic pylons, by insulated cables and concrete pylons.

He added that, after the intervention, scheduled to last two months, 3,700 consumers will then enjoy better quality of electricity. “The great benefit consumers will have is better quality without the current frequent power cuts, because the network is obsolete.”

EDM was forced to make constant interventions in Malhangalene whenever there was a power cut, but Magaia was convinced that, after the ongoing work has been concluded, the situation will definitely improve. Similar work will be undertaken in other areas of the municipal district.

Magaia also declared that EDM is replacing the current electricity meters with more modern equipment to monitor consumers’ use of electricity, in a bid to reduce the frequent theft of electricity that causes the company huge losses.


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