Luisah Teish – Earth and Water Reverence; Story of Oshun Leaving the Earth

( speaks with Luisah Teish, an author, storyteller, and priestess of the Ifá/Orisha faith of Yoruba-speaking West Africa and the African Diaspora. Yeye Teish is the founding mother of Ile Orunmila Oshun, and holds a chieftancy title in the Fatunmise lineage as a senior Oshun Priest in the United States. She is the founder of the School of Ancient Mysteries and Sacred Arts Center in Oakland, CA. She is also the author of several books on African religion, and a playwright, director and theatrical performer of African, Caribbean and African-American folklore and feminist myth. Her performances, lectures and workshops have taken her to Europe, Egypt, South America, New Zealand, Nigeria, Costa Rica, and across the United States. For more information please visit

NOTE: Oshun, also spelled Osun, is an orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.


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