Lincoln College Celebrates The a centesimal Anniversary Of The Alumni Memorial Arch: Tending To The Previous To Be taught, Liberate, And Lead The Future

Courtesy of Lincoln College,

Through the 2021 Homecoming week, The Lincoln College group will have fun the Alumni Memorial Arch that was devoted in 1921 to honor the 167 Lincoln alumni troopers who served in World Warfare I.

The celebration features a analysis presentation by first-year college students led by Professor C. Marlene Lacy, Homecoming Sunday Providers on the historic Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel, a post-service march to the Alumni Memorial Arch, honoring every alumni soldier, and a scholar analysis exhibit.

“Tending to the Previous to Be taught, Liberate, and Lead the Future is about encouraging the souls of scholars and sharing tales to not overlook the previous and have religion for the longer term,” stated Rev. Dr. Frederick T. Faison, affiliate vice chairman of Scholar Success, Well being and Wellness & Chaplain. “Homecoming is about us pondering the contributions to be made now for future generations.”


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