Lights In Sky Over All Wisconsin, Might 14, 2022, 3 Movies, UFO Sighting Information.


Date of sighting: Might 14, 2022

Location of sighting: Wisconsin, USA

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Guys that is very fascinating. This lengthy line of glowing objects was seen clear throughout Wisconsin final night time. It coincides with a SpaceX launch earlier that day. Three reviews, three movies and three totally different descriptions. If that is Star-link then the world is getting actually creepy. What I imply is…as of Might 2022 there are 2,200 Star-link satellites presently in orbit. This sounds actually excessive to me. Do you bear in mind Skynet from Terminator? Whats going to occur if AI will get management of these satellites, the identical satellites used to assist Ukraine within the warfare towards Russia? It could possibly be an extinction stage occasion. Or if the satellites are there to hold out Venture Blue Beam, a high secret challenge leaked by 3 reporters who by the best way had been murdered quickly after leaking it to the general public. Blue Beam is suppose to make holographic blue disks seem over main cities all over the world, in an effort to unite the nations to kind one county. What ever is happening within the sky over Wisconsin…its going to be dangerous someplace down the street. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

Eyewitness one within the metropolis of Superior, Wisconsin states: We noticed an extended brilliant band of sunshine within the sky which we considered a comet, however as the article got here into focus it gave the impression to be an extended, brilliant, cigar formed ship, touring pretty rapidly throughout the sky. The article appeared to have many home windows and was lit from the within. Because it handed in entrance of us the “home windows” appeared to “shut” and the band of sunshine turned brighter and as if it was spinning. When it turned brighter the band of sunshine appeared to light up a uninteresting, black disc formed ship. The article continued alongside the shore, fully silent. The band of sunshine appeared to get shorter because it angled away from us, earlier than instantly disappearing fully. 

Second wintess in Luck, Wisconsin states: Giant cigar formed object witnessed in Luck, WI at 10:05 pm with husband. The article had no sound and continued on a path east. Ultimately Hubert’s after which shot as much as the sky with no sound. It appeared uninteresting in shade and lights appear to moved on object at quick pace, as properly. It left my husband and I speechless this night. 

Third eyewitness in Fredric, Wisconsin states: Appeared like a comet however many occasions quicker than an airplane at cruising altitude traversing the sky. It appeared lengthy as what caught my eye at first because the path yo be it’s entirety.

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