Jellyfish Life Type Passes Astronaut throughout Area Stroll, March 23, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting Information.


Date of sighting: March 23, 2022

Location of sighting: Worldwide Area Station

Throughout a spacewalk a couple of days in the past, an odd jellyfish like UFO handed by the astronauts. The thing passes behind them and appears to have an aura throughout it. It additionally has a lumpy form, just like that of a jellyfish. This isn’t a UFO a lot as an entity. A dwelling creature discovered solely in area. Simply as animals reside underwater, there are creatures which may reside in area. As an illustration, about ten years in the past, Russian astronauts have been cleansing the area station photo voltaic panels and located that there have been big plankton rising on the photo voltaic panels…thriving, consuming, breading on the panels, utilizing the suns power. There was not one, however 1000’s and the Russians stated they have been larger than regular plankton…so that they sound very wholesome to me. Thus…if one animal species might exist in area…its solely stands to motive…there are others too. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

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