Important Tips For Travelling To Grenada

Dear Nationals and Friends of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique 

The High Commission reminds everyone who is travelling to Grenada to ensure that you have received your Pure Safe travel Certificate from Grenada before you get to the airport, as you will not be allowed to travel without it. 

Please note that when you apply for the travel certificate, you immediately receive a Reference number and an email to confirm that your application was received and is being processed. This IS NOT the Pure Safe Travel Authorisation Certificate.  

Once the Ministry of Health checks your details, including confirmation of your booked accommodation (or home quarantine) and payment for PCR test in Grenada, then you will get the actual APPROVED certificate for travel. 

If you have not paid for your PCR test to be taken in Grenada, or for your approved accommodation (outside of Home quarantine), you will NOT receive a Travel Certificate, and your application will continue to say PENDING. This does not give you the authorization to travel to Grenada. 

If you experience problems with securing the relevant documents for travel, and you have questions, please call us at least the day before travel, at the High Commission, if you are not able to reach the Health Desk in Grenada. DO NOT wait until you are at the airport and denied check-in to do so, as then it will be too late for us to do anything. Remember that the UK is five hours ahead of Grenada, and the time of your flight does not translate to office hours in Grenada. 

Please be advised accordingly. We are here to help, but we can only do so if you alert us in a timely manner.  

Safe travels and stay safe, everyone! 

Best regards 

H.E.Kisha Abba Grant

High Commissioner 

High Commission for Grenada


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