I Discovered A Pond In A Crater On Mars, Google Map Discovery, UFO Sighting Information.


First off, whenever you click on the URL above it takes you to the net Google Mars map, however you will have to hit the button within the higher left nook that claims infrared. 

I discovered a pond within the middle of a crater on Mars utilizing google earth map. The pond clearly seems to be like a liquid and and is even on all sides of it. Its not a tunnel or a cave, however an space coated in a liquid. It might be water, however could also be some there liquid fully. I do know its not a tunnel entrance as a result of if I hit the button within the higher left that claims Elevation, you may see that its depth is small, oval and much like that of a pond. I simply wished to share this with you. Water on Mars, everyone knows it exists, but when that is water, its rather a lot. Over 3km throughout! 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

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