How a lot will I be taxed if my sole revenue is from a hard and fast deposit financial savings account?

Will R23 800 be tax-exempt after which I am taxed at 40% for the remaining quantity?

I used to be fortunate sufficient to inherit R2 million from a beloved one. I’m at present in my early 40s, personal my house and want to contemplate early retirement. In understanding how doable that is, I’ve thought of placing this cash with Capitec of their 60-month fastened deposit financial savings account with an annual nominal return of 9% curiosity for cash invested over the quantity of R100 000. The curiosity earned, if my math is appropriate, can be R180 000 a 12 months.

My query is how a lot of that R180 000 would I get to maintain after taxes if the curiosity earned on that funding had been hypothetically my solely revenue? From what I perceive, the annual tax exemption on curiosity is R23 800 a 12 months. If I’m following what meaning accurately, which is admittedly my query, would that imply out of that R180 000, R23 800 is exempt and I’d then be taxed at 40% for the remaining R156 200? That may convey that yearly curiosity earned after tax: R93 720 + the R23 800 exempt quantity for a complete of R117 520.

Expensive reader,

Thanks for the query. The primary concern to contemplate is the phrases and situations of your fastened deposit as there are two choices with regard to the incomes and distribution of the curiosity.

The primary concern is the place the curiosity is reinvested as earned, thereby including to your capital worth and making a compounding of your curiosity return over the interval. The problem for you right here can be that the funds is probably not accessible throughout the 60-month interval and would due to this fact not be capable to offer you money to stay off.

The second possibility is that if the curiosity earned is distributed on the time of allocation, by which case the curiosity is paid to you as money to supply on your residing bills.

In each choices set out above the curiosity earned is taxable within the 12 months that it accrues. You might be completely appropriate by way of the curiosity exemption of R23 800 per 12 months, though please word that the steadiness of curiosity earned is then added to your taxable revenue and taxed on the PAYE tables, not at a flat charge of 40%.

Taking your assumptions into consideration, if you happen to had been to generate curiosity of R180 000 in a tax 12 months with no different taxable revenue earned, then the remedy and taxation of this curiosity can be calculated as follows:

Gross curiosity revenue  R 180 000
Much less: Annual exemption -R23 800
Web taxable revenue  R156 200
Tax per PAYE tables (R156 200 x 18%)  R28 116
Much less: Main rebate -R16 425
Web tax payable  R11 691


Now, your web revenue can be:
Gross curiosity revenue  R180 000
Much less: Web tax payable -R11 691
Web revenue after tax  R168 309

As is obvious from the above, your annual web revenue can be within the quantity of R168 309 after the appliance of the annual curiosity exemption and the deduction of tax.

Needless to say must you proceed to earn an revenue then the curiosity quantity accrued above the annual exemption of R23 800 will probably be added to your taxable earnings.

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