‘Home of the Dragon’: Who Runs Westeros?

Followers of Recreation of Thrones (based mostly on A Track of Ice and Fireplace by George RR Martin) are ready in anticipation for a brand new entry into the favored fandom, Home of the Dragon. Based mostly on Martin’s (fictional) historic textual content, Fireplace and Blood, Home of the Dragon takes place 200 years earlier than the occasions of Recreation of Thrones

Whereas many aren’t aware of the Targaryen Civil Conflict referred to as the Dance of Dragons by which Princess Rhaenyra confronted off in opposition to her brother Aegon, eager viewers will discover that Princess Shireen talked about the warfare to her father, Stannis Baratheon, within the ninth episode of Recreation of Thrones Season 5. Now the story will unfold earlier than our very eyes this Sunday. 

Earlier than we dive in, let’s get to know among the key gamers in Westeros.

Home Targaryen

Sigil: Three-headed dragon

Seat: King’s Touchdown and Dragonstone

Their phrases: Fireplace and Blood

In Recreation of Thrones, the Targaryens had been a dying home with only some descendants remaining in Westeros. In Home of the Dragon, the Targaryens are on the top of their energy, ruling over the Seven Kingdoms with dragons at their aspect.

Viserys I Targaryen is the fifth Targaryen king to take a seat upon the Iron Throne. He was elected by the Nice Council to succeed his grandfather, “Previous King” Jaeherys I. Whereas he guidelines in King’s Touchdown, his ancestral seat is Dragonstone. Viserys was a dragon rider who rode the black dragon, Balerion. Removed from the ruthless temperament thought widespread of Targaryen rulers, Viserys is a form and peaceable man with an awesome distaste for battle. Throughout his reign, the Seven Kingdoms lived in peace and prosperity, however quickly that peace is shattered.

Rhaenyra Targaryen is the firstborn baby of Viserys and inheritor to the throne after the loss of life of her youthful brother, Baelon. Described as lovely and charming, Rhaenyra turned a dragon rider as a small baby, selecting the yellow-scaled dragon, Syrax. As a girl, her declare to the throne was typically challenged and was the spark that began the civil warfare.

Daemon Targaryen is the youthful brother of Viserys and Commander of the Metropolis Watch. He’s an bold participant and one of many biggest warriors of his time. As with the remainder of his household, Daemon is a dragon rider, driving the formidable crimson dragon, Caraxes. Daemon has an advanced relationship along with his older brother as he was as soon as in line to inherit the throne. He’s an abrasive character and has an intense rivalry with the Hand of the King. Nonetheless, he reluctantly supported his brother’s reign all of the whereas forging an alliance along with his niece and future queen, Rhaenyra.

Home Velaryon

Sigil: Silver Seahorse

Seat: Driftmark

Their phrases: The Previous, the True, the Courageous

Very similar to the Tyrells in Recreation of Thrones, the Velaryons are the second strongest home in Westeros. And in contrast to the Tyrells, they had been true allies of the Targaryens. The Velaryons’ home seat is Driftmark, the biggest island in Blackwater Bay. The Velaryons are an awesome and historical home of seafarers who got here to Westeros earlier than the Targaryens. As such, they maintain an influential place within the sequence.

Corlys Velaryon, referred to as the Sea Snake, is the Lord of the Tides and Grasp of Driftmark. Corlys is a legendary seafarer, arguably the best of the Seven Kingdoms, and his travels throughout unknown lands carry nice riches to his household. His alliance with the Targaryens is strengthened by way of his marriage to Rhaenys Targeryan, cousin to Viserys, and later by way of his son Laenor’s marriage to Princess Rhaenyra.

Rhaenys Targeryan, referred to as the Queen Who By no means Was as she was handed over by the Nice Council in favor of Viserys, is the spouse of Corlys Velaryon and a formidable power in her personal proper. She is described as an awesome magnificence with matching mind. Her mount was the scarlet dragon, Melys, one of many quickest dragons in all of Westeros. When the Dance of the Dragons breaks out, Rhaenys alongside along with her husband shift their allegiance to Princess Rhaenyra, however we quickly be taught allegiances change.

Leanor Velaryon is the one son of Corlys and Rhaenys Targeryan and inheritor to Driftmark. Laenor’s dragon is the silver-gray Seasmoke. Like his mom, Leanor was handed over as inheritor obvious, however this slight is quickly remedied as soon as Leanor weds Rhaenyra. Their marriage is an sad one, as Leanor and Rhaenyra have little or no curiosity in one another and spend a lot of their life aside. Because of this, the validity of their youngsters’s parentage is usually known as into query.

Laena Targaryen is the older sister of Leanor and solely daughter of Corlys and Rhaenys Targeryan. She was stated to have inherited her mom’s nice magnificence and was wanted by many suitors, though she was recognized to have way more curiosity in flying than boys. Her dragon was the biggest Targaryen dragon alive — the flame-red Vhagar.

Home Hightower

Sigil: Stone white watchtower, lit with a inexperienced flame.

Seat: Hightower, Previous City

Their Phrases: We Mild the Manner

The Hightowers are an awesome household from the Attain whose affect is cemented by the pinnacle of their household serving as Hand of the King and an organized marriage with the Targaryen king. The Hightowers are an historical home of Westeros tracing their lineage to the First Males. They amassed their wealth by way of commerce and based Previous City, dwelling to the Citadel, the birthplace of the order of maesters. There’s no shock why this household is without doubt one of the key gamers in Home of the Dragon.

Otto Hightower is a knight of Home Hightower and Hand of the King. He’s described as a person of nice studying. He previously served “Previous King” Jaeherys till his loss of life and now could be within the service of King Viserys. He makes an attempt to make use of his affect to bend and manipulate others to do his bidding, a trait that drastically disgusts Daemon Targaryen. As such the 2 are bitter rivals at court docket and finally face off on reverse sides through the Dance of the Dragons.

Alicent Hightower is the Queen of Westeros and second spouse to Viserys. She is described as intelligent and enchanting, qualities that led Viserys to decide on her as his bride. Initially, Alicent has a loving relationship along with her stepdaughter (and childhood buddy) Rhaenyra, however the relationship rapidly turns bitter after Alicent offers delivery to her first son. Alicent believes Rhaenyra’s half-brother, Aegon, because the first-born son, needs to be inheritor to the Iron Throne. This need drives a wedge between Rhaenyra and Alicent, a transfer that doesn’t bode nicely for the realm.

There you could have it; the board has been set and the gamers are in movement contending for the coveted Iron Throne. It’s a narrative we’re all aware of, and we’ve got little question Home of the Dragon will fill the void left behind by Recreation of Thrones.

Home of the Dragon will premiere Sunday, August 21, 2022, on HBO. Make sure you be part of our reside tweet beneath the hashtag #DragonsYall and look out for the return of our TV recap podcast!


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