Glowing Orb Over Houses At Benecia, California 6-29-2022, Video! UFO Sighting Information.


Date of sighting: 6-29-2022

Location of sighting: Benecia, California, USA

Supply: E-mail ship studies to

Eyewitness states: 

Standing in my storage aspect door I used to be working towards CE5 with a inexperienced laser, put it down and started to make use of my pink laser with 3 lengthy dashes at a distinguished star when out of the nook of my eye to my left an Orb materializes out of nowhere. It begins a path from West to East, crossing the “distinguished star” I used to be signaling to. I see no Navigational lights, did not count on to since I noticed it materialize earlier than me. So I attain for my binoculars to look at it extra and see no Nav. lights, only a glowing Orb. Conflicted as time is of the eseense I can name my spouse to view or seize my Syonix Aurora Sport Infrared Digicam beside me and attempt to movie it so I selected the latter. Grabbed my digicam, (which I might have had it arrange but it surely was foggy and did not seem like it might be night for filming), and started filming however am struggling, reaching for my glasses so I can see what I am filming by the monocle. As soon as I get my glasses on the movie shaking eases up and I can choose the thing because it traverses from East to West simply earlier than dropping it within the fog and under/past my neighbors roofline. I then take the digicam and retrace the trail of the ORB again to it is authentic manisfestation place in my evening sky. The movie will present what I’ve written right here.

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