The Three-Piece: Evita Tezeno

Artists by the Numbers

Three works of art. Two minutes each. One artist. 

The Three-Piece.

3… Three works. Straight outta the collections of Black Art In America comes three compelling pieces of art for this week, including Simple Pleasure, Down Low, and Pookie.

2… Two minutes. We encourage you to take at least two minutes to view each of these works, study them, and connect with them. See which ones speak to you, challenge you, and-or inspire you.

1… One artist. The artist behind today’s works is Evita Tezeno, who believes that “Creativity is a noble word, like justice, or compassion. Its essence is a basic component of right living, for it is nothing less than a love of learning, a love of action, an echo of God’s creative power. Art in all of its many forms make me feel connected to something grand. Exuberant movement and rotating images imply energy and space beyond boundaries of the applied surface. Color, texture and shape are the core of my collages. Inspired by images that I see in my sleep, I translate these visions through mixed media, with various handmade papers, acrylic paints and found objects. Pulling for experiences and child stories, I create whimsical images that provoke laughter and also enrich the soul.” 

Tezeno is a Port Arthur, Texas native and graduate of Lamar University. Her works of art consist of collages with cubism influences. Her bold use of color, texture, and shape is the core of her collages. Inspired by images that she sees in her sleep, Evita translates these visions through mixed media, combining handmade papers, acrylic paints, and found objects. Pulling from experiences and children’s stories, she creates whimsical images that provoke laughter, thought, and help to enrich the soul. 

Okay, now that you’ve been briefed, we’re gonna hit ya with The Three-Piece:


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