Countdown to ZERO IMMUNITY… vaccine victims are seeing their immune response drop by about 5% every week, with long-term penalties mirroring AIDS

Image: Countdown to ZERO IMMUNITY… vaccine victims are seeing their immune response drop by about 5% each week, with long-term consequences mirroring AIDS

A bombshell report printed by The Expose (UK) is entitled, “A comparability of official Authorities reviews recommend the Absolutely Vaccinated are creating Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.” Since that is being instigated by vaccine injections, I’m calling it “Injected Immunodeficiency Syndrome,” or “IIDS.”

As The Expose explains, following an in depth evaluation of UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance knowledge:

Newest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid circumstances present that doubly vaccinated 40-70 12 months olds have misplaced 40% of their immune system functionality in comparison with unvaccinated folks. Their immune methods are deteriorating at round 5% per week (between 2.7% and eight.7%). If this continues then 30-50 12 months olds may have 100% immune system degradation, zero viral defence by Christmas and all doubly vaccinated folks over 30 may have misplaced their immune methods by March subsequent 12 months.

In response to the development described by the present knowledge, as The Expose provides:

All people over 30 may have misplaced 100% of their complete immune functionality (for viruses and sure cancers) inside 6 months. 30-50 12 months olds may have misplaced it by Christmas. These folks will then successfully have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and destroy the NHS.

Booster pictures additional speed up the destruction of the immune system, which explains why 90% of hospital admissions in no less than one US hospitals had been amongst vaccinated people, in line with a brand new whistleblower who has stepped ahead by way of The Highwire. With credit score to, we have now posted that whistleblower video right here:

If the development holds, the following six months will see a world wave of vaccine victims dying from most cancers and customary infections

The plunging immune response amongst vaccine victims implies that fatalities from most cancers — and from frequent infections corresponding to winter colds and flu — are set to skyrocket over the following six months. It’s a fully-functioning immune system, in any case, that retains most cancers in test and prevents frequent wild-type pathogens from wreaking havoc throughout the physique.

Immune operate is supported and enhanced by vitamin D, zinc and different vital vitamins, which is precisely why the pro-genocide media and so-called “science” journals assault vitamin (in addition to ivermectin). A nutrient deficiency impairs immune operate, which is why vitamin D poor folks are likely to get sick way more continuously than others. And now, with vaccines actually destroying immune operate by the week, we have now the deliberate takedown of human immune operate mixed with dietary deficiencies and synthetic restrictions on medical interventions that may save lives.

The one believable clarification for all that is that the vaccines are, certainly, a depopulation weapon supply system, they usually operate by destroying a sufferer’s immune system, inflicting them to be killed by most cancers or frequent infections. Simply in the present day, absolutely vaccinated Colin Powell died from covid, marking one more post-vaccine sufferer of the depopulation agenda.

As AIDS sufferers know very nicely, these people affected by closely suppressed immune operate may be killed by low-level winter colds or flu pathogens that might usually pose no threat in any respect to a wholesome particular person. Little did we all know an AIDS-like weapon system could be loaded into needles and dishonestly known as “vaccines” to idiot the weak-minded and gullible.

The evil genius on this depopulation plan is that vaccine-induced immune destruction deaths won’t ever be attributed to the vaccine itself. Those that die from most cancers after vaccines destroyed their immune system will likely be recorded as “most cancers” deaths, not vaccine deaths. And those that die from frequent folds or influenza strains will likely be described as having been contaminated with “tremendous flu” strains that may, after all, be blamed on the unvaccinated.

Even when thousands and thousands of People die over the following six months and hospitals are utterly overrun, covid vaccines won’t ever be tied to any vaccines in anyway. The pharma-funded media will make sure that of that.

Count on US hospitals to be in a full-blown staffing emergency by early 2022

Making issues even worse, nurses and hospital employees with pure immunity are proper now being fired from their jobs for refusing to take spike protein injections. That is inflicting extreme staffing shortages in some areas (corresponding to New York), and we aren’t even into the flu season but. As soon as vitamin D ranges plunge in the course of the darker, chilly climate months of December, January and February, we’re very more likely to see hospitals in a staffing panic at precisely the identical time the wave of immune-compromised vaccine victims kicks in.

Look ahead to the mendacity company media to run with the hospital disaster tales, claiming, “individuals are dying as a result of egocentric anti-vaxxers received’t take their vaccines!” However in actuality, it is going to be the vaccinated who will likely be dying from their very own suicide pictures, since permitting your self to be injected with a lethal organic weapon spike protein nanoparticle isn’t precisely a smart technique for lasting well being.

The upshot is that the covid plandemic actually is a world depopulation scheme, and the hysteria about covid was designed to drive folks into accepting the very vaccines which are destroying their immune operate and plunging them into near-certain demise. The subsequent six months will reveal mass demise throughout the Northern hemisphere, even because the battle criminals pushing these lethal vaccines double down on their genocidal calls for.

The rationale why they need 100% of the general public to be vaccinated is in order that there isn’t any management group to check towards the vaccinated. So long as a management group of unvaxxed folks exists, the mortality related to vaccine injections can’t be swept underneath the rug. Actually, as Alex Berenson is now reporting, there are extra post-vaccine deaths in Scotland in addition to throughout Germany.

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Oh, the enjoyment of dwelling underneath socialism! America is, certainly, quickly turning into Venezuela…

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