Continued drama at today’s Pan African Parliament session

After scuffles and even a death threat in recent sessions, today’s sitting of the Pan African Parliament is once again characterised by anger and dissent.

A screengrab of the rowdy session of the Pan African Parliament on 1 June 2021.

JOHANNESBURG – Chaos has once again descended at another sitting of the Pan-African Parliament sitting on Tuesday.

“We want to know if you have a letter from AU. If you have it, why don’t you tell us about that letter? Mr clerk, is it true that you have a letter from the AU?”

The members said the clerk who was heading proceedings was accused of being in possession of an African Union letter declaring the election process illegal.

Delegates resumed another session on Tuesday afternoon a day after the African National Congress’s Pemmy Majodina was kicked by fellow member Djibril War from Senegal during a heated argument and physical violence between members over the election of a new president.

There’s been an ongoing dispute since last week over the rotation of the presidency of the continental groupings

It’s understood the process is favoured by French speaking members of Parliament versus direct elections, which English MPs are advocating for.

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