Chris Paul: We Control Our Own Destiny

The Phoenix Suns have lost three in a row to the Milwaukee Bucks after taking the first two games of The Finals and now face a win-or-go-home Game 6.

“Throughout this whole playoff run, this is our first elimination game,” Chris Paul said. “So it’s for real. It’s no looking back now. We got to come out, be ready to play and it’s either win or go home.”

The Suns know they will have the edge in a Game 7 at home if they can win on the road in Game 6.

“It’s definitely exciting,” Paul said. “Something that Coach and everybody has been saying: If you went to the beginning of the season and said we had a chance to be where we are right now, would you take it? Absolutely. Absolutely. And we get a chance to determine the outcome.

“It’s not like the game is going to be simulated or somebody else got to play. We get a chance. We control our own destiny. So I think that’s the exciting part about it.”


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