Can COVID-19 Truly Shrink Your Penis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many questions, quite a lot of which should do with penises. Will getting it provide you with erectile dysfunction? Will it have an effect on your fertility? Will the vaccine make your balls blow up like Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s good friend’s? Whereas a few of these fears are clearly unfounded, it seems different COVID-related penis issues may really pose a respectable menace to your manhood, as one distressed penis-haver discovered after reaching out to Slate’s How to Do It podcast for recommendation on a case of “COVID dick.”

The nameless recommendation seeker, who recognized himself as a straight man in his 30s, claimed the size of his penis shrank by 1.5 inches after battling COVID final summer season. He additionally claimed to expertise erectile dysfunction after COVID, however whereas his ED signs finally improved with medical consideration, his penis nonetheless hasn’t returned to its authentic dimension. “Earlier than I received sick [my penis] was above common,” he famous. “Not large, however undoubtedly greater than regular. Now I’ve misplaced about an inch and a half and turn into decidedly lower than common.”

Whereas “COVID shrank my dick” might sound like one other pandemic wives’ story cooked up by the likes of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s good friend, medical doctors who joined the The way to Do It podcast hosts confirmed that this man’s complaints aren’t unfounded.

“COVID dick is an actual factor,” mentioned Dr. Ashley Winter, a urologist in Oregon. “The primary motive that we expect this happens is one thing what we name endothelial dysfunction,” she defined. “That’s mainly the cells that line your blood vessels … they usually’re actually vital for the perform of many alternative organs.” Based on Winter, when these cells are contaminated with COVID-19, it can lead to erectile dysfunction, which might, in flip, result in shrinkage.

Based on Dr. Charles Welliver, a urologist and Director of Males’s Well being at Albany Medical Faculty, COVID may cause “fairly vital vascular points” in males, which can result in varied issues, together with erectile dysfunction. “When guys get ED, they get an absence of erections for some time, and when that occurs they really do get some shrinkage,” he mentioned on the podcast.

Luckily, whereas each medical doctors confirmed the true (if comparatively slim) danger of COVID-related penis shrinkage, in addition they recommended these signs most likely aren’t everlasting, and could possibly be relieved by a wide range of at-home strategies. Winter recommended utilizing Viagra or Cialis to assist restore the penis to its pre-COVID glory, in addition to buying a “penis vacuum system” and doing “penis pushups” or different types of “penis train.” Males affected by post-COVID shrinkage may also take into account stretching the penis with a traction system referred to as RestoreX, which sounds terrifying, however in accordance with Winter can lengthen the penis by one to 2 centimeters with common use.

However whereas COVID dick could also be an actual factor, Winter and Welliver recommended it’s comparatively uncommon. Nonetheless, in case your penis immediately appears smaller than you bear in mind, be happy guilty COVID.

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