Black Triangle Sighting in Alabaster, Alabama on 2020-11-21 21:00:00 – Noticed a triangle formed craft flying overhead very quick with no sound

At about 9pm on saturday 11/21/20, i used to be in my yard sitting by our hearth pit and searching up into the sky, i noticed what i first believed to be a satellite tv for pc or presumably a meteor within the sky. after taking a look at it for a second i might see three distinct, white lights in a triangle formation and will make out the inflexible triangle construction of a craft. the moon was just under view behind my home from the place i used to be in my yard. this gentle offered a faint silhouette of the craft. it was flying from the south headed due north at what i’d have estimated to be past supersonic velocity and only some thousand ft from the bottom and made no sound. there wasn't any seen exhaust or seen propulsion. i noticed it for about 3 to five seconds because it flew virtually straight overhead and over bushes which obstructed my view from seeing it any additional.

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