Historical Statue Head Discovered On Mars, UFO Sighting Information.


Now possibly discovering a head of a statue shouldn’t be vital to NASA since they over look so many archeological discoveries every day on Mars, however to me its vital. The face shouldn’t be solely the face of an clever species that after lived on Mars, but additionally the face of a kid about 10-14 years of age. The curly hair, chubby cheeks and chin actually stand out, to not point out the eyes, nostril, mouth and brow. The hair…the hair appears to be in a bun on the highest, so it has a excessive likelihood of being a feminine. The statue head is looking from the small hill and its going through outward on goal…its the place it was positioned, in order that it could actually look out to the horizon…I am guessing its in all probability geared toward the setting solar. Additionally the face itself may be very small, about 3 inches throughout, or 6-7cm. Meaning the likelihood of this species being 30 cm or 1 foot tall may be very possible. 

Right here on Earth there are a lot of brief individuals, a couple of which might be solely 20-28 inches tall, 1.5-2 ft tall. And people individuals had a traditional intelligence and also you or I. So its protected to imagine {that a} species as soon as lived on Mars and was solely 20-30 cm tall. Clearly that they had a excessive intelligence…simply have a look at that unbelievable element of the face they made. It was in all probability made to be a head stone…for a grave…a closing goodbye to a cherished one misplaced. I actually marvel how could archeological artifacts are handed by the NASA rover yearly? A whole bunch…1000’s…too many to even consider potential, and but…the rover passes by as if the discoveries do not even exist. Ask your self why? As a result of, the rover shouldn’t be there to tell the general public, however as a substitute to appease and drop feed the general public boring scientific information the management the publics curiosity.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

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