Historical Shipwreck Off Island Of Sabara, Google Earth Map, March 20, 2022, UFO Sighting Information.


Date of discovery: March 20, 2022
Location of discovery: Island of Sabara, Netherlands
Google coordinates:  11° 6’14.40″S 153° 4’52.84″E

I used to be looking on Google Earth map when I discovered an previous ship wreck of the sting of Sabara Island. Google ruler measures the ship to be 40 meters lengthy and seven.5 meters vast. I can clearly see a tall mast at its again quarter space. The hull of the ship is darkish within the depth of the ocean, and its tough to determine if its metallic or picket. This would not resemble any fishing vessel I’ve ever seen. I believe for this wreck to go neglected for thus lengthy, it have to be a couple of hundred years previous. I believed this one is undocumented and could also be of archeological worth to a museum who needs to discover and get better any museum worthy materials it could have. I consider it to be an undocumented ship wreck. I might discover nothing of it when doing a Google search.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

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