An Extraterrestrial Civilization Existed on Planet Earth Earlier than Us

This civilization might have existed 60 million years in the past on our planet. Now, scientists ask for proof. In case you check out the historical past of our planet, you will notice how nearly 60 million years in the past the Earth skilled temperatures hotter than in the present day, a lot hotter than the poles of the planet melted.

Many consultants stated that it was due to world warming attributable to a civilization that existed lengthy earlier than humanity.

Professor Frank wonders what would occur if our civilization perishes out of a sudden. Will they discover us due to the chemical compounds we had been utilizing? Or perhaps some proof of an historic civilization present earlier than them as a result of we’ve got been utilizing fossil fuels?

Despite the fact that the existence of an historic civilization on our planet is simply an concept, it certainly raises fascinating questions with respect to the cycle of life and the way it can work on different extraterrestrial worlds.

As an illustration, if a civilization makes use of fossil fuels, the local weather change they trigger can provoke a big lower in ocean oxygen ranges. The low ranges of oxygen can liberate the required situations to make different fossil fuels like oil and coal sooner or later. So on this sense, a civilization might sow its seed of latest civilizations sooner or later.

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