5 important tips for new mums who are preparing for labor

If this is your first baby, thinking of labor can be a chest of mixed feelings.

How do I know this even though I am yet to have a baby?? Because your first time at everything can be nerve-racking. For example, think of the first time you had sex or rode a bicycle and many other things.

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Worrying too much can get you scared and depressed which is also not very good for the baby you are expecting.

So first of all, Relax, you’ve got this. These 5 tips prescribed by mums, midwives and experts on maternity can help you prepare for labor.

Check them out


The stress from when the baby arrives can be draining. You need all your energy stored for this. Go to bed early and still afternoon naps in your sleep schedule when you have to. You want to feel pumped and fueled up when the baby arrives.

2. Eat well

It’s important to eat right when you are near the end of your pregnancy. Fill up on those veggies, whole grains, salmons and nuts.

3. Try yoga

This will help with your deep breaths and you’re staying focused and relaxed when the D-day comes. The meditation will help with easing the fear and anxiety you get from thinking about labour.

4. Pack your hospital bag

Have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. You can have it in the boot of your car since the fear that comes with “ my water just broke” can have you running around mind blank.

5. Be positive

Try to avoid the scary labour stories you hear from other mothers, it doesn’t help you one bit. Filter out the scary stories as you approach your due date, having a peaceful mind is very important.


You’ve got this, you’ll have your baby in your arms in no time.

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