5 Easy Yet Fashionable Ideas That Are Perfect For Eid!

Eid is well known in the Muslim tradition. Prophet Mohammed was known to have worn his best cloak on Eid. Ramadan is almost over and I’m pretty sure our body looks perfect for your dress choice for Eid.

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Yep! A suit will do the magic, suits are not limited to work only, they are perfect everywhere. You can dress them up with heels or dress them down with some sneakers. Make it look chic or sporty.

African prints

You can keep it traditional too. Sew the traditional prints in any preferred style with its matching head scarf. You have lots of styles to choose from, just make sure, your designer does not ruin your print.

Brightly colored long dresses

Don’t sacrifice comfort for beauty. If you want to feel comfortable because you will be moving around a lot, opt for a loose straight dress. Looking at the weather, this might be a perfect choice to feel comfortable and not be sweaty.


An islamic designer women kaftan dress can never go wrong. The materials are really comfortable to wear and the embroidery is beautifully designed to give it the perfect touch.

Thobe, Ghutra and Egal

Wizkid Challenges Davido With His Jalabia Outfit As He Arrives In Dubai For men, a thobe can work magic. Rock that with the ghutra; the rectangular head scarf with the egal (black rope) to fasten it in place. and scarf will work the magic. You can also wear the guthra on your shoulder if you do not have an egal. A white or checkered ghutra is preferable for the occasion. Eid Mubarak!!!!

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