400km Alien Maze Construction On Saturn Moon Titan, Photographs, UFO Sighting Information.


Guys that is unusual, however you gota hear rigorously to what I’ve to say to know the affect of the proof. At first I used to be going by means of the Titan moon map, it was laborious to see, so I added some sharpening and deepening. Element quickly popped out. I stared at this element of this maze shifting throughout Titan asking myself, “how is such a factor even doable? Its huge and a few compact all through. Might or not it’s that Titan was not a moon in any respect, however an historic area station? Then I although…No! The proof is just not sufficient…I want extra first to verify it. After which it occurred, I observed that this maze was labeled on the Titan map…Ginaz Labyrinthus…translated from Latin which means Ginaz Labyrinth. The Oxford Diction says a labyrinth is an advanced irregular community of passages or paths during which it’s tough to search out one’s manner; a maze. That was the lacking piece of proof I wanted. By labeling this Titan space, NASA has really confessed to those constructions current! Such proof is plain. Want I say extra? Possibly somewhat…the radius of Titan is 2,574km and that will put the width of this maze at about 70km and the size to be over 400km lengthy. The partitions of some components of the maze very from .25-.75km excessive. Now we all know why NASA blurs out a lot of this moon map. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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