30 Tornadoes Hit the US At Identical Time, Did China Use the HAARP Program To Weaponize The Climate? Breaking Information.

HAARP supply: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program

China Radio Telescope: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-hundred-meter_Aperture_Spherical_Telescope

Have you ever heard China complaining and threatening to get again on the US for boycotting the olympics in Beijing and the way the US tries to cease US from working with any China firms? Effectively, China is preventing again, covertly. 

Guys, throughout the Web we’re listening to about how upwards of 30 tornadoes that hit the USA late at evening, killing a couple of hundred individuals or extra. And just some days in the past the world heard about how China has been utilizing climate management to make it rain and clear the air extra in China in an space the scale of Alaska. However there are some things you most likely do not know. 

China has the worlds largest radio telescope, five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, or FAST – which was declared totally operational as just lately as January 2020. It is in China’s Guizhou province. That is simply the form of instrument wanted to create tornados. 

Again in 1993 the US Air Drive created the HAARP program, analysis into easy methods to use digital waves to govern the climate round them world, by bouncing a sign up into the sky and bouncing it off the ionosphere onto a location someplace on Earth. This system began in Gabona, Alaska and lasted till 2014, when it was introduced that the HARRP program would shut down. Nonetheless it might have continued in covert as a way to escape the protests of the general public. 

Someplace alongside the road, China stole the small print, analysis and tech knowhow to do their very own HAARP program however not for analysis as a lot as analysis to be a weapon. China makes it a precedence to steal any know-how the US has…from the NASA area shuttle (they took it) to the most recent Awacs (Fairborn warning management techniques) navy planes. 

Additionally the truth that tornados do not come 30 at a time! Not to mention at evening and…in December with temperatures under freezing. Tornados normally are available in spring and summer season months. Scientists say Could and June the peek twister months. All climate scientists know…chilly climate limits tornados. And to compound all of it…the twister hit at evening, when everybody was inside, unable to see any tornadoes coming, thus unable to flee them. This HAARP China program is a weapon to punish its adversaries, to harm them, to kill them, and to harm the financial system financially from the destruction. 

Even President Biden stated, “That is more likely to be one of many largest twister outbreaks in our historical past.” 

So…I put up right here the info, my ideas, and allow you to make your personal selections. China has the means and the motivation. However all of the info level to climate manipulation, a brand new form of struggle. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 

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