20 absolutely funny Ghanaian twitter posts

Ghana Twitter is always alive with one agenda or another. Sometimes, it’s a social issue that generates traction. Sometimes, it’s a funny cruise that usually involves trolling.

Twitter can be overwhelming. With so many tweets and retweets fleeting up the timeline, everyday users can sometimes have a hard time tracking information.

Lucky for us there’s a page on Instagram that carefully curates some of the most rib-cracking posts from Ghana Twitter. Access to laughter just became easier.

GhanaTwitter, founded by @socialghana a Ghanaian digital media consulting agency, features some of the best and funniest tweets from Ghana. So lean back, cross your legs and prepare to literally laugh out loud.

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Here are 20 absolutely funny posts from Ghana Twitter that will send you spiralling on the floor. Lol be careful if you are in a public setting or Yawa!!


Slap the TV, maybe?

Post Kaya

The true language of love

The disclaimer is very necessary

Moves in silence

Agenda must agend

I tear

Asanka Michelin Star

Hey best friend

The night is still young

The impudence of a dying cockroach

A tale of two cities

Kokroko Dispatch

Tales of the unemployed

They forgot to remove one of the zeroes

What she said. No Cap!!!

Please, they said Minimalism in 4K

Imagine a whole new world

Getting the visa some oo. The visa

Allow us to package in peace


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